Please take extra precautions to ensure your security and safety during the holiday season. Consider the following tips from your Elkton Police Department.  Donít be a Victim.


-  Make sure packages and valuables are not visible in your parked car.


-  Never leave the keys in your car, even at the gas station.  Do not put your name and address on your keychain.


-  Have your car keys in your hand when you leave the store, so that you donít have to look for them in the parking lot. As you approach your car, look around it and under it.  Before you get into your car look at the back seat and floor.


-  Park in highly visible, well-lit areas and keep alert.  Pay attention to where you park so you can go directly to your car from the store.  If someone suspicious approaches your car, honk you car's horn to scare someone off or attract help.


-  Never leave purses unattended, especially in shopping carts.  Do not put your purse or packages on the roof of your car while you are unloading other items.


-  Take only the cards and cash necessary, and carry them in pockets if possible.  If you carry a purse, keep it close to your body, preferably in front.  Don't carry a lot of packages all at once.  It makes you an easy target.


-  As you walk, walk confidently and observe those around you.  If there are strangers sitting in parked cars or standing in your path, avoid them.  If a car approaches you as you walk, and the occupants harass you, run in the opposite direction so that the driver will have to turn around to pursue you.  Seek help.


-  Pay special attention to your surroundings, so you are aware of whatís going on around you.  If things donít look ďrightĒ, donít put yourself in a dangerous situation. Itís worth a few extra minutes to protect your safety.


-  Shop with friends, or family members, if possible.  If you go out alone, let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return.


-  Keep your vehicle in good running condition and properly fueled, so that you donít get stranded.


-  Be careful when using ATMs. Fill out your deposit envelopes before going to the ATM. Conceal your money quickly. Do not leave your receipt behind. Do not approach an ATM if you notice suspicious activity.


-  Protect your children from parking lot hazards and do not get separated from them in the store.


-  Stay away from isolated or poorly-lit areas.  If you feel like you are being followed go to a crowded or safe area, like a police station.  Do not lead a stalker to your home.  If your personal safety is threatened, yell, scream or otherwise make a lot of noise to attract attention.


Call  9-1-1 To Report Suspicious Activity or Request Police Response